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school is stressing me out

work is stressing me out

my weight is stressing me out

my relationships are stressing me out

my acne is stressing me out

I’m probably going to collapse at some point soon

Things to do when you are stressed out


  • take a walk
  • play games
  • draw (even if you’re not a good artist, just scribble or whatever)
  • watch your favourite movie
  • watch a new tv show
  • hang out with your best friend
  • call or visit your grandparents
  • eat ice cream
  • take a bubblebath
  • go to a museum
  • go to a zoo
  • go to the movies
  • play an instrument
  • listen to music that calms you down
  • lie on your bed for 10 minutes doing nothing
  • stay away from social networks

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